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  • Jo Anastasia

Being An Imposter

I'm sooo late to the game, but I've really been enjoying podcasts lately! I just listened to one by @slaygrlslay (🙌🏾 love her) about the Imposter Syndrome. It's a feeling of constantly doubting your accomplishments and having a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Well, I think this is one we've all dealt with at some point in our lives. I try my best to drag myself out of these ruts asap and remind myself of all the accomplishments I've had so far. Here are some things to think about when you start feeling this way...

1. Your Experience In Life Is Unique To Everyone You Know - No matter how long you've known your closest friends or think that being brought up in a similar area makes you the same.. it doesn't. Everyone's perspective to life and situations that they have had to deal with causes a different outcome to decision making. Your experience is different and it shouldn't be compared to others when establishing your self value.

2. Each Individual Values Different Things - If being a workaholic isn't important to you, why would you compare your progression at work to someone who thrives off their career's success? Find what is important to you. If you're killing that, then you're thriving and winning at life. If not, find a way to kill it. DO NOT compare your success with someone else's. That's like comparing apples to oranges. Both fruit, yes. But very different.

3. Be Your Authentic Self - Especially in this day, this philosophy is so true. There is absolutely no need to look like, act like, and represent the same feelings as someone else. Being my authentic self is still a struggle for me. Let's face it, corporate America expects a certain look and vocabulary. At times I have out of body experiences at work where I hear myself speaking and have no idea who that woman is. Work is a show, home doesn't have to be. Turn it off and get back to you as soon as you can. Authentically you.

When you remember these things it's easier to push yourself out of the Imposter Syndrome. It's all about balance and fulfilling what drives you on a daily basis. Thankfully it gets easier with age. I can definitely attest that at 21 I was questioning way more about myself then I do now. Every day I get more comfortable and realize that the projects I work on are authentically me. Doubt is normal and it's normal to have moments when you check yourself. I believe it's all part of growth and progression.

I'm here to tell you that despite your beliefs of self doubt, you're doing just fine! Keep doing you and keep shining!

Check out the Slay Girl Slay podcast, and PLEASE let me know if there are any ones that I should subscribe to 😁