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Things I learned From My Uber Driver

August 12, 2016

1. Male strip clubs are terrifying to all women.

2. It takes a man less than a year to know he wants to marry you. 


During another late Uber ride (of course), we discovered our driver was throwing her bachelorette party the following day. She informed that after only a year and a half of dating her fiancé popped the question. She met her knight in shining armor on a dating web site. Speaking with her briefly on dating and relationships she seemed to not really believe in them either. So how exactly does this work? 


Well, she had decided that she was done looking. It wasn't until she was logging on to deactivate her account that she saw a message from her soon to be husband. And in the message he seemed "different". They went on a few dates and he seemed respectable enough to not just want to get in her pants. Fast forward and they're planning an intimate wedding in Portland. 


Their roommates had also met on a dating app; however the app was more of a hookup app. During the ride she ran through the different sites and apps sharing her opinion on each one. We concluded that dating in my current city of Las Vegas was hard. We also surmised that the apps made it even more difficult for our generation. Too many choices, too many options around the corner.


Her story is a true exception to the rule. What are the chances that one of her matches would actually lead to her happily ever after?


She seemed so content in her current situation. It was truly an inspiring highlight of our girl's trip. I congratulated her that night as we stumbled out of her Uber and back to our hotel room. 


What are your opinions on marrying your online match? Do you also believe in..  when you know, you know?

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