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Who Is Stasi Anyway?

January 22, 2017

I was recently asked by one of my readers what exactly the goal of having my own blog is. I guess the only way to define it is to give a bit of history behind the past 29 years of my life.


I am an only child raised by an eccentric artist and her two sisters. She had her animation career, traveled around the world, and had the finest designer wardrobe; the life of a single ambitious New York woman. She had it all.. then she had me. My Mom decided to execute all her ambitions and desires prior to the commitment of being responsible for another life. I don’t blame her. In the late 80’s I imagine the dating scene in a big city to be just as tumultuous as it is now.


So here I was, this little curious girl surrounded by women all over 40. They instilled self-sufficiency in my upbringing. My Godmother/Aunt was married, but stressed the importance of balancing your finances separately from your spouse. She was a homemaker, the most selfless woman I have ever met. Holding down her husband, sisters, and anyone else that needed a helping hand. My other Aunt displayed this unbending attitude of doing her own thing and not being bothered with what anyone thought of her. She was very educated and spoke several languages. Never married and never cared to be. It was truly inspiring. They all made sure I was well rounded educationally and socially. It wasn’t until my mother and I moved to Las Vegas, leaving them behind, that I developed my own sense of self.



My personal style stems from the opulence that I am surrounded by in this town. Las Vegas truly birthed Stasi. Something about seeing people in their “vacation best” on a daily basis molded my vision of a well-balanced life. To me, one should celebrate and encourage the pursuit of style in any area of life. I buy myself the Givenchy bags, the Manolo Blahnik heels, and the Marc Jacobs dresses. I also understand the importance of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. I spend my hard earned money on things that I like.. fashion, travel, fine dining. Investing in one’s style means investing in one’s happiness. And that style is not limited to the realm of fashion and cosmetics. For me, it’s all about experiences and capturing the memories. 


So I continue on in the final year of my 20’s cultivating these experiences. In this way I am very much like my Mom was before she had me. I’m always seeking the next trip, the latest fashion trend, the hottest restaurant. Maximizing my youth, if you will. When you’re not committed, I feel like these are the best times to seek out adventures and be selfish. For those in relationships, I feel that variety keeps the bond strong. There is no reason to stifle your curiosity in trying new things! Remember if we don’t dream, we die.


Reach out with suggestions on cities to visit: @Stasi_Says

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