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Love At First Sight

March 31, 2017

It seems to be at the center of every romantic comedy. And now you can even try your hand at it on a number of dating apps and websites... Love At First Sight. Is this even a real thing? A friend of mine and I were having a heated debate about this a few nights ago.

How does one see a random stranger in passing and decide that's the person they crave to be with? As we all can agree, looks can be quite deceiving. A perfect example would be the average person's daily routine. You wake up for work, get yourself all the way together, and then proceed to leave your home. Most people wouldn't dare to leave without dressing up, addressing personal hygiene, etc. What about the bad habits? You never truly see a person's strange characteristics until you know them for an extended period of time. Let's face it, we're not likely to wear our favorite bleach stained sweats to the club on Friday night or not wash your hair after the gym before that first date. Most of the time these traits don't get uncovered until you're living under the same roof. What happens then?


My friend argued that no one is meant to be with one person. She thinks that love at first sight can happen, but that it can happen multiple times when finding the "great loves" of your life. In my opinion that falls into the category of lust and not love. You can be drawn to someone for whatever reason, be solely infatuated with them for a while, then fall out of interest. That isn't love. To me, that is more of regarding people as possessions. 


As a child I would be awed by the latest thing at the store. I'd beg and plead my case to get it, sometimes waiting weeks to finally convince my parents. This new exciting thing that was now mine normally had a life expectancy of about a week before the next best thing came along. Many people regard relationships in this same light. They may see someone and be convinced they want it... but it is only a temporary fix for their need of ownership. 


To all the couples that have remained in relationships after this phenomenon kudos to you. I attribute patience, the willingness to compromise on your dislikes, and unwavering trust to the success of all relationships but ESPECIALLY to the ones who claim love at first sight. To decide you're in love is just that... a choice... and sticking to that decision takes a great deal of character and strength. Relationships are hard and I'm sure all my fellow single people can agree when I say that too many options may be to blame for this. 


In a time when you can swipe your way to "happiness" do you believe in love at first sight? I'd love to hear some of your opinions on this! Comment below 👇🏽


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