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Guess I'm Wrong...

May 14, 2017

On March 31st I wrote a post on "Love At First Sight." That day I was writing a tad bit bitter, as the night before my girlfriend and I had a deep discussion about the validity of relationships as a whole. We talked about love, questioning if it was even a reality for our generation. In anticipation of another so so date I was going on later that evening, I wanted to write about what she and I had talked about. It was a reminder of sorts to not be disappointed if the meeting didn't go well. BOY was I WRONG. That date was the most honest, natural, and fulfilling dates I had been on in a long while. Here's how it went down...

I appreciate planners so when everything was decided by him before that night I must admit I was quite impressed. Nevertheless, I was still dreading the small talk, the outfit selection, and the sheer awkwardness I normally feel on first dates. With the encouragement of several of my girls I soldiered on and took a chance. I started slowly getting ready 3 hours before the set meeting time of 8 - excessive I know. I was so early to get ready that I was in fact the first to arrive. I always questioned my roommate arriving to first dates first; this time I valued the calming factor of not having to rush. It gave me confidence that I was prepared and I waited only a few minutes for him to get to the restaurant. 


Then he walked up. I don't know if it was the sheer shock that he was actually more attractive in person or the fact that I flashed back to the ease of our text conversations that I immediately grew nervous. Well, nervous to me, standoffish to him. I crossed my arms and started getting quiet (typical). Even so, he was as approachable as ever and led the conversation, eventually bringing me out of my shell. Conversation flowed so well during dinner that it was a no brainer to carry on to the second *planned* part of the date at a jazz club. 


At the jazz club I found myself loosening up even more. I felt his humor so refreshing and his personality to have such an honest nature. I didn't want to end the night so I even suggested going to another bar downtown with a bit more danceable music. He agreed. I'm pretty sure the shared Uber ride downtown revealed how on the same page we both were about the evening. Granted my two drink maximum was reached and exceeded, there was nothing forced about our interaction. We ended the night excited to see each other the next soonest available time. I can't even put into words how liberating it was to be able to tell a man how I felt right off the bat and not worry he would think I was crazy. One month later and I feel like it's our first date every day. I'm not the one to be sappy or unrealistic. I know there will be work and difficult times ahead... that's life. I just know that whatever time I am blessed to have with him I am thankful for. I'm also thankful for both of us taking that chance. And I'm happy to admit I was wrong about love at first sight.


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