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Home Is Where My Bed Is

September 1, 2017

Seriously, I love naps! My room is my sanctuary, and I love making it feel like somewhere I can comfortably retreat to after a hectic day. Lately I've been so busy that I haven't had time to fully rest and relax. Thankfully, with this extended weekend coming up for Labor Day, I will have the perfect opportunity for some R&R!



I just found this great new bed set that ties into the current color scheme of my room. I enjoy bright colors as you can see from my Instagram aesthetic; but in my room I tend to lean towards more neutral colors since my walls are so dark. The Pixel Percale comforter set from CStudio Home is a great addition to my decor.  



Up close it's this abstract pattern of teal, yellow, gray, and white. From a distance it blends as a tan neutral. The comforter and shams go with almost any sheet color; adding that pop I love. 



I will be changing my color scheme for winter and I can't wait to go back to C Studio to purchase a new set! What are some of the colors you are drawn to? I need some inspiration for the next set so comment below!

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