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All Gold.

September 20, 2017

My secret weapon to feeling great and keeping after my hair, skin, and nails is Catalyst Gold by Herbalore. I've been taking the supplements for 3 months now and I can tell a definite difference. I was already taking a multi vitamin, a probiotic, and various other vitamins daily. Catalyst Gold takes all of the benefits of these pills and combines them into one! So convenient! The purpose of the combined ingredients is to reprogram your body on a cellular level and detoxify you. Best thing is... the capsules are vegan and non GMO. The superfoods, herbs, and essential minerals help to support the immune system and also curb sugar cravings. It's a one stop shop to creating a healthy lifestyle and I am hooked!


After the first month I noticed a positive change in my energy levels. I was starting a carb reduced diet (which I normally struggle with), and I knew that I would be grumpy and tired if I didn't support it with vitamins. The ginseng, acai, selenium, and dandelion helped to provide that relief. Also, being a chronic nail biter due to stress, my nails always have a tendency to grow weakly if not at all. At the month mark I noticed stronger, longer hair and nails. Although I have taken biotin in the past, perhaps the other vitamins and minerals present in this pill work better together for my body. My skin has visibly been glowing and supple; almost blemish free.. even around "that time" of the month. The grape seed extract  present in Catalyst Gold  has been known to act as an anti-aging agent. The list of herbal ingredients is as long as the list of benefits you receive from taking them daily.



I am a firm believer in a more holistic approach to health and Herbalore does as well. I am excited to see what other products they release in the future, but I am grateful for this daily solution to my dietary needs. I have experienced nothing but good things while taking these supplements. I plan on continuing to include Catalyst Gold in my daily wellness routine. Check them out here!






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