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Simple Beauty is Key (Interview w/Azura NYC)

September 28, 2017

Check out Azura NYC's  blog about my personal style:


Azura meets up with Fashion Blogger “Stasi Oliver” who runs the blog - Stasi Says, and sets up an interview to find out what triggered her desire to take up Fashion Blogging – because we know that Fashion Blogging is no easy forte and requires tremendous study of ongoing styles and trends to be ahead in your insight, opinions, and words of speech.

Stasi spent her early years in New York, eventually leaving for Vegas and has been living there ever since. The NYC Fashion Scene holds a special place in her heart and strolling around with her mother in Downtown Manhattan “shopping” enlightened her about various cultures, plus igniting a burning longing for traveling.

Stasi has been in the hospitality business for the past 10 years – another reason behind her broad knowledge of fashion and diverse cultures. She loves meeting new people and familiarizing with them from all around the globe. Hence, her another passion besides fashion is traveling. 


Azura: What made you decide to start blogging?

Stasi: My love for fashion and appreciation for different cultures has inspired me to blog about fashion and travel.

Azura: How would you describe your fashion style in three words?

Stasi: Flirty, Attainable, Chic!

Azura: What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Stasi: Off the shoulder, Bold Prints.

Azura: The first thing you do in the morning is…

Stasi: Check Instagram for new fashion trends!


“Take time to make your soul content”
― Stasi Oliver

Azura: You would never leave home without?

Stasi: My Planner!

Azura: You stay in shape by?

Stasi: Working out and doing outdoor activities with my boyfriend and his dog.

Azura: The greatest life advice I’ve ever received?

Stasi: “If you think a moment in life is terrible, it is just a step to get you to the next chapter in life.”

Azura: What fashion tips would you like to give to our Azura babes?

Stasi: Simple beauty is the key! It is better to have quality, timeless pieces, than clunky items you can only wear once.


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