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NYC Reflections

October 23, 2017

The funk I've been in lately has unfortunately been of my own hand. I realized this a few days ago, but it really hit home today. Literally. I sit at my Aunt's home in Astoria reading a book on a radio personality who I thought I had nothing common with when I realized something. Some of his thoughts and philosophies really resonated. In the book, he reiterates throughout that the things you are told you can not do based on your location, background, etc... Are merely a self imposed road block. He also believes that when feeling off track it is extremely important to go back to the start; the place where your dreams originated. And here I was.



19 years ago I would sit in this same living room reading books. This same apartment I would complete my homework and projects then play chess with my Uncle. This is where it all began. The place that I watched the crime show series "Law and Order" and decided that I wanted to attend NYU to become a lawyer. Of course that didn't end up happening but it was a dream none the less. My other big dream was to be a fashion magazine editor. I always excelled in my literature and writing classes all while equally loving the fashion industry. As a preteen I would always envision myself 30 years old, pioneering a magazine, dressed in fabulous clothing. Oh, and this would all take place in NYC. 


Life didn't end up at planned. It never really does. And I know that's ok. We moved to Vegas and never looked back to the Big Apple. I ended up in my career by accident. A referral from an previous co-worker led to a 10 year run in Hospitality. This happens to be a no brainer to be a part of hotels when living in Las Vegas. All this time though, I'd be lying if I said I had forgotten my original goals and dreams. Being content with not evolving is never a good thing. 



I believe that I can have it all. The career in Hospitality. The successful fashion blog. The fulfilling personal life. Yes, you get stuck in a rut here and there, but you must remember that all the work will pay off. I may not be in the position I dreamed up years ago. That's ok. Life is ever changing and you must adapt to the circumstances you find yourself in. The important thing is to never lose hope and never forget where you came from and how far you will go if you set your mind to it. 


This trip has refreshed my mind and spirit. I'm happy to return to Vegas and continue to grind. Think today (on this fine Monday) where you're trying to go and how you will get yourself there. Think positively, not putting yourself down for any bumps along the road. And most importantly, continue to dream. These thoughts can and will come to fruition with a little elbow grease. 


*** The book I read this weekend is #BlackPrivilege by Charlamagne Tha God. Great read and very insightful. Check it out! 


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