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Control. Alt. Delete.

December 4, 2017

Do you ever look through your old pictures? I mean do you really look at them? Tonight I was prompted to by Apple, in attempts to clear some space to update my software. Looking through the thousands of files brought me to memories and times from such a long time ago. It's crazy the things you forget. 


For instance... 

 ...that time I went out 7 days straight for my 25th birthday fresh out of a 6 year toxic relationship. The term "Living Your Best Life" should have been coined by me that year. It was truly glorious. You know how your girls silently wish terrible things on the person that is causing you so much turmoil? That week was both a celebration of my birth as well as a declaration of freedom from my stupidity. Everyone was having such a damn good time. Oh, and it's also a reminder that I miss my bangs. 


Or that time I picked this guy up while at the mall when I had no intention to. Weezy F. Baby, my Pug. Yes, that is correct.. I named him after Lil Wayne. You have to understand he was poppin' at the time. And Weezy happened to be the ugliest little adorable thing when I got him. I remember he shook the whole way home on the night we picked him up. Then a few months later he chewed through a $300 pair of heels just because he was irritated we left him home for an 8 hour work shift. He fit right in; napping with me, eating my food, and was just there through the worst. 2108 will be the perfect time to volunteer at some pet shelters in his remembrance. 


 And what a memory up above. Family. The funny thing is that the first picture was the beginning of November 2 years ago. The one on the right is from the end of October this year. Climate change isn't real though (but that's a whole other blog post.) A few years ago I would make it out to NYC to visit my aunt at least 3-4 times a year sometimes bringing friends out with me. Now I'm lucky if I visit once. Although one of these is a recent memory, it's a treasured one. We went all around the city this time, seeing some areas of the city she hasn't been to in years. This was much needed quality time in a city I love so much. It is so important to make time.. not just on holidays or special occasions. Family is everything. 


Now you are probably assuming  I didn't get that updated software. You are correct. There is no way I will part with these flashbacks and memories; not without making certain they are securely saved. I also LOVE giving pictures as gifts. My next day off I will definitely be picking some out to print out for my loved ones. What are some of your favorite memories? Do you picture hoard like me? Comment below!



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