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To Post Or Not To Post

January 27, 2018

Just recently I read an article about couples who rarely share their relationship status on social media having happier relationships. This makes me re-evaluate a quite a lot. The point is, genuinely happy couples shouldn't have to boast about their love. I agree. Previously, I vowed to not partake in any publicizing of a union until it escalated to marriage. Yet again, I find myself breaking my own rule due to society's norms. So what's the deal with this anyway? Let's break it down...

Why do people have to convince others via social media that they are in a happy, productive relationship? Because the idea of "winning" has consumed us all. There is no need to prove to others that your relationship is better than theirs. The constant battle between girlfriends on who's partner is more thoughtful is getting increasingly worse. I blame this on consumer holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas. The day you get back to work or see one of your girlfriends the first question asked is, "so what did he get you?" Who cares? Gift giving and romantic gestures should be kept between those involved. No reason to compare notes between friends. All hell breaks loose once the idea is planted that you could be receiving better things. It is first important to be secure in your relationship... then no outside influences will matter. Constantly posting to show how happy you are masks underlying problems in the relationship. Validation from others should not be a factor in a lasting romance.

On the flip side, here's a story as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl loose contact. After some time, the thought "what if?" pops into boy's mind. Boy stalks girl's social media to make sure the coast is clear prior to checking in with her. Sad but true, social media is a means to keep in contact with people you probably shouldn't be keeping in contact with. The occasional post of one's significant other serves as a thirst blocker. Just in case the boy from back when wants to creep in, *BAM* here's a picture of existing love to halt his intentions. We all know that if the old flame is really determined nothing will stop them from making contact. At least it's a step in the right direction to not be bothered with unwanted solicitation. Unfortunately these days the line has to be drawn in the sand.

I personally do not feel like posting is such a bad thing. As long as it is tasteful and not bragging or overly informative. I do also feel that one should do whatever they are comfortable with. Do not take what our society finds appealing for something you're pressured into doing. Just be you! Your partner will appreciate it, and it's easier to be authentic off the bat than have to go back and explain your feelings in the future.


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