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Saving All My Love For You

February 7, 2018

Gift ideas for men on Valentine's Day can be difficult. I know some of you are thinking, "Valentine's is all about the woman, I'm not getting my man anything!" Hey, if that's how you feel I completely understand. Historically this day has been about the woman. I however am a believer in gifts all year round! Some of these ideas may come in handy when he's just being a good partner and deserves a thank you.

Is Your Man Outdoorsy?

1- If you can't seem to get ahead of his hunter/marksman/fisherman wish list, subscriptions to outdoors/hunting/fishing magazines make a world of difference. Highlighted in these publications are new locations to explore. The pictures and stories of wild bass caught or amazing hikes to go on will inspire them to compile organized "hit lists" for his next adventure. 

2- If you already know a specific item he would enjoy, just get it for him! Half the time the gadgets they want seem to make our lives easier too. I don't know about you, but I'm a foodie. If I knew my significant other liked to grill, I would get them all grilling accessories! Getting him the newest thermometer or best heat resistant gloves helps to get that food to the table even faster.. and I LOVE to eat.

3- If all else fails, give him a gift card to your local Sporting Goods store. There are thousands (and I really mean thousands) of items for him to choose from. And things like lures and lines can start to add up if your man is active. 

Does your Man Have Style?

1- Well who doesn't want a bit more style with little to no effort? Clothing subscription services are actually a no brainer for the man who wants to stay current but may not have the attention span for fashion. I mean, us ladies can't look more fly than boo all the time! I found this great service called Thread Beast .

After filling out his style profile, monthly they will send out pieces to compliment his wardrobe. Easy as pie. I know a lot of men don't like to shop and especially don't like to try things on at the store so this service from Thread Beast works wonders.

2 - Blackwood for men offers luxury styling and grooming products at a reasonable price. They also offer chic travel sets of their popular items. Throw the hint you're ready for your next bae-cation by gifting a travel set. I especially like giving these sets prior to buying the full size versions so they can see if they like the products before committing to a whole bottle.

3 - Scrolling through Instagram (of course) I spotted the cutest, most thoughtful home gift! You can actually create a map of important locations in your relationship at www.yourownsky.com . Gushy, I know. If you are on that home decorating level with your man, I think this is the perfect addition to his space. To the naked eye, it just looks like a city map. To both of you, it's the location of your best date or first home. Super meaningful yet it will fit in with manly decor.

But Does He Really Love You?

The answer to this one better be duh! 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ Of course he loves you and is deserving of the most important gift you give him... YOURSELF! Why don't you remind him? I experienced Lucky Bastard products over the holidays and I'm obsessed! First of all the play on words sells itself, but the line lives up to the claim. The lip balm is amazing, and the scented candle smells like a sexy lumberjack's lair. It's a great manly candle for him and soft lips and a great smelling room for us. Win win win. They're all hand crafted from a small business in California. Support them, support sexy smelling lumberjacks. 


I hope you all have an amazing fun filled Valentine's Day! Gift wisely, and tell me how you liked some of these products or if you have other ideas below!


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