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The Change Up

April 24, 2018

You know how you're online looking for something, then an hour later you find yourself on some random site not related to what you were originally searching for? Same. About a month ago I was looking for some home improvement how-tos and came across this phenomenon of wallpaper. Now I know it's not a new concept. The new concept however, is the fact that it's peel and stick and can be removed from your wall without damaging it! I know, I was in awe too. After reading numerous reviews I decided to try RoomMates to update my room by adding an accent wall.    

I can assure you that my DIY skill level is probably at a negative 10. I can also say that the hardest part of this whole project was picking out a wallpaper! I have been obsessed with wood lately and just in that category they had so much to choose from. Once I narrowed it down to this gorgeous Distressed Wood the project sped along.  



I started by wiping down my wall from floor to ceiling. I then quickly measured the height of my wall and cut each piece leaving a bit of wiggle room. Then I peeled and stuck it to the wall! Even though my wall is textured, the paper still adhered without a problem. It looks amazing and I'm so proud I was able to do this all by myself! 



Now the possibilities are endless. On their Instagram, RoomMates shows how people have used the peel and stick wallpapers to refresh furniture and cabinets. I am motivated to start even more DIY projects around our condo. Let's see what I can create!!









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