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How To Moisturize Daily To Prevent A Skin-Cation

A skin-cation is when you take a break from moisturizing and everything goes wrinkly and dry. No thank you! Of course, taking a break from lotion can be beneficial, especially if you use it too often and go overboard. Like everything, there is a fine balance to strike.

You should use a moisturizer every day because it’s healthy. However, you must do it properly if you want to see the results gleaming back at you. Finding a middle ground is tough, yet it’s doable if you keep a few things in mind.

Here are four helpful pointers:

Use A Specifically-Designed Product

Not all moisturizers are created equally. Some are lighter, whereas others are more intense. Some are for nighttime use, and others are for during the day. They might all look the same, but it’s wrong to assume that they have the same effects. Therefore, it’s vital to pick a lotion that contains everything you require. A daily moisturizer from Dose of Colors is a smart move as it contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and vitamins for cell regeneration. The key is to brush up on your research and use it to check out the ingredients on the back of the bottle.

Do It After A Shower

Using lotion twice a day is recommended by IPSY as it locks in the moisture. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it can be easy to forget when you’re in a rush or tired and desperate to go to bed. Therefore, a simple solution is to do it after every shower. Most people have a shower in the morning, and you will do it again after work or after you exercise. It’s helpful in more ways than one as doing it right after you’ve dabbed your skin allows it to soak up the moisture from the formula more effectively.

Put It On Under Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is vital since UV rays can damage skin cells. Yes, this is true in the winter as well as the summer. A lotion with SPF included is a savvy way to protect yourself, yet you might need something stronger if your skin is sensitive. If you have to apply both separately, make sure the moisturizer goes on first and the sunscreen follows. Aside from giving the formula the best opportunity to keep your skin moist, it also prevents an oily complexion.

Get Out

Circumstances mean you can’t leave the house as much as you usually do during the day. Not only is this unhealthy for your mind and body, but it impacts your skin as the dry, stale air in your house is harmful. There are two options. Firstly, try and get out as much as you can, especially when it’s sunny to top up on your vitamin D levels. Secondly, you can tweak your indoor skincare routine to take the pressure off your skin. For example, you should open windows for circulation, turn off the air conditioner/dehumidifier, and avoid makeup.

By doing these things, moisturizing daily shouldn’t be an issue!

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