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Stay-cation, Birthday Edition

Whew, Corona Virus! (Cardi B voice)

I know I'm not the only one who thought we would be back to normal by the Summer time. We were all wrong. For my boyfriend in May, I decorated our apartment for his Quarantine Birthday celebration. It was cute and taco themed, all in all a great day! Although I wasn't planning to do anything special for my own day this year, I thought for sure we would be free to roam the streets by August. So when my friend and former colleague invited me to his new property, The Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach, we jumped at the chance for a stay-cation!

Pasea's Awesome Lobby Art

I actually had the opportunity to walk around the lobby area as well as Tanner's Treehouse back in January when I was in the area. Back then I thought it was a gorgeous property with an AMAZING view to the ocean. I was also aware that they had started rooftop acoustic concerts since social distancing was first enforced in California. I thought that this was a great way to keep the hotel fun, yet respect the healthy distance requirements. Most of all, we were super excited to stay the weekend... because we could bring the pup! Little did I know, Pasea was just named the best dog hotel by USA Today! Here are some highlights from our stay:

Welcome Amenities!

Nothing Like a Snooze Outside

Ok, how cute is this set up?! Our dog loved the bed and his bowls upon arrival to the room. He spent most of his time sun bathing outside in his bed. He loves the beach, so opening up the balcony door each morning for him to soak in the ocean air was a huge perk of the room.

View from the room's balcony
Cheers to 33!

Also when we arrived, my friend had left us a bottle of champagne to celebrate the weekend. This was great since we weren't planning on venturing out in the evenings to the lounge they had on property. Although the seating was social distanced, we still weren't ready to be among the public to grab drinks. The first night we brought some food back to the room from a neighboring restaurant and enjoyed the rooftop concert below. This was so relaxing and was a much needed break from the daily reminder of the world falling apart. Just for a moment, looking at all the other guests on their balconies enjoying themselves... you could almost forget the last 5 months even happened.

Pasea's Dog Park aka Paw-Sea
Pasea's Dog Park aka Paw-Sea

After a great nights sleep (yay to black out curtains!) we spent the whole next day at the beach. We have been taking the pup to a secluded spot every other Friday so we carried on the tradition. This time we packed a picnic and some beverages. Knowing that we had less than a 7 min drive back to Pasea made the day that much more relaxing.

Coconut Sorbet & Carrot Cake, Yum!

Some cocktails from Tanner's

Later that night we were lucky enough to get a last minute reservation at Tanner's. I had always heard that it was a great restaurant and it was on my list to try. As I had mentioned earlier, we had not planned to venture out amongst the masses. However, from our room we saw that the tables were spaced appropriately and it did not look over crowded. Pictured above are the dessert and drinks. Where are the entrees you ask? Well they were so delicious that we scarfed them down immediately. Everything was so amazing! The Ceviche, The Surf and Turf Burger, The Salmon, as well as The Carrot Cake and The Coconut Sorbet are all must haves. I also got the Naked & Famous cocktail and he got the Cadillac Margarita. I will definitely be back next time I'm in the area.

I mean, look at this sunset from the room!!

This was a weekend to remember! I loved the design of the hotel as well as how comfortable and well appointed the guest rooms are. The whole staff was so accommodating, keeping everyone's safety in mind. The Pasea is the perfect destination to visit for both a beach getaway or a staycation. I can't wait to visit again, possibly to enjoy the beach facing pool or an outdoor spa treatment in their hidden garden. This property has so much to offer, definitely check them out!

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