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Why Scale Weight Doesn't Matter!

Losing weight is the resolution for most people in the beginning of a new year, but it's also the promise people make to themselves on the lead up to the summer months. You see it splashed all over social media and the magazines in the stores: LOSE BELLY FAT NOW, for example. The thing is, you hop on and off the scales every week and you're not seeing changes - and it's disheartening.

If you are eating well and you are moving more but the scales still don't change, you need to know that you are not alone. It's a common issue and it's one that can make you revert back to square one if you're not careful. You focus on the scale and when it doesn't move, you give up and that's just not the way to go about it. It is worse for your body to constantly yo-yo diet than it is to stay the course and keep going. So, why doesn't scale weight matter? Let's take you through all the reasons you need to let the number go.

  • You're still changing. Even if your scales show that you are the same weight as last month, it doesn't mean that you're not taking up less space as you build muscle. Fat and muscle weigh the same but they just take up different amounts of space. Fat is fluffier and muscle is more dense. Your scales may not be changing, but your body certainly is. Scale weight won't reflect it, which is why you should make sure that you are taking your measurements.

  • Weight changes all the time - you just don't see it. Your weight can be affected by your food intake, your exercise, your cycle - it's all influenced and you can change by 1-5 pounds every single day for no other reason than it's hot outside and your body is retaining water. Your weight will move up and down because weight loss is not linear. Hormones, water and salt are the three most common reasons for a lack of movement on the scales, so keep these in mind!

  • Weight does not equal health. Whether your weight is high or low, it doesn't equate to being healthy or not. People in tiny bodies can be just as unhealthy as anyone; thinness does not mean healthy and vice versa. You could have a high weight, but low blood pressure and low cholesterol and the ability to run a 5K every week.

  • Your clothes will tell you the truth. The scales will change up and down, but you know when you are gaining too much weight when your jeans won't do up. You'll know you need to eat more when you need a belt on jeans tightened more and more!

  • The scales can wreck your mental health. You do not have to allow a number to ruin your day. Three people can weigh the same and look completely different from one another - but you don't have to allow this to ruin your mindset or your healthy lifestyle. Eat well and keep moving, and eventually your body will settle where it's most happy!

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